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Greetings, I run Forest Moon Paranormal, an emergency response team for all aspects of the paranormal from spirit, malevolent entity, UFO-Alien Abduction, Bigfoot and other Cryptids and everything in between. If it strikes terror in clients, it’s a concern of ours, same with respect given to spirits and other paranormal beings unless they are malevolent.

What we bring to the table:

An Astral Combat Team

2 Scientists 1 is a biology scientist and been in the field over 20 years has a lab and can analyze evidence be it Bigfoot hair or “ectoplasm” and our other scientist is a Meteorological Scientist retired and used to work for NASA and Boeing and available for weather or atmospheric anomalies etc

We have a Drone operations specialist

A Bigfoot Specialist who has interacted with Bigfoot and followed migration patterns etc

I have been in the UFO-Alien Abduction field for over 20 years and Alien Race studies for the last year.

We also have an annual Para-Con we hold up here at HQ’s in Concrete, WA and a radio show called S-4 we run live every Saturday night.

Why am I contacting other groups?

There is a problem in the paranormal field that needs to be addressed, lack of ethics, lack of resources, lack of training, lack of unity. These I would like to work on correcting by creating a Global Paranormal Initiative.

All teams that are interested would agree on a set of ethics or Code of Conduct which would be agreed upon by all team founders or team leads whoever filled the slot on the council we create. Noone tells you how to investigate the bottom line is the safety of your team and the final outcome in your case with the client and their family. You don’t know how to clear a location? We will help with that. Your team clears locations? Outstanding but you get stuck you would have a large collective to help.

Training could be enhanced by covering all aspects of the paranormal which would get all teams globally on one page whether it’s with spirits, aliens, Bigfoot, or even something we haven’t encountered yet. Another area of training not many paranormal groups look at is wilderness survival. Do you take cases in the mountains? We do and many of us have Military background and paranormal tv doesn’t show you the wilderness survival necessity which is why our team trains in it. Occult symbolism is another important class. Walk into a clients house and see a pentagram, know what it means? Is it inverted? Is there a circle around it? All these have different meanings some good some not so good but all can change the outcome of a case.

Another area we will work on is getting the psychiatric field involved for client assessments, and helping alien abductees with peer support therapy. Scientists could help with evidence analysis and case reviews could be done on the council as well to rule out fake evidence etc.

Just some areas to think about, and the possibilities with a Global Paranormal Initiative could be endless. If you interested, discuss it with your team and contact me, our group can be found at


and you can find me directly on Facebook. Eric Cooper. Forest Moon Paranormal